Sunday, 28 July 2013

Safari and last day

The team were up early today for departing the seminary towards Ngorongoro Crater. 

After changing the bus for proper 4x4 Landcruisers they had an excellent day in the Crater with sightings of lions, hippos, rhinos, ostriches and more - providing a spectacular show. 

The team then reunited with Joshua, George and Mr Jewell at Outpost Lodge for a final celebration of their achievements and a big meal. The boys opted for steak or curry rather than one last plate of beans and rice!

The team are now at the airport checking in,in the safe hands of the safari guides and Amy whilst Josh and Mr Jewell rest in the comfort of a hotel room for their flights tomorrow. 

Last day at Gehandu

Yesterday started with rehearsals for the final day of celebrations at Gehandu School. A big crowd of students turned up - traditional iraqw prayers were said and there was lots of singing and dancing with everyone getting involved by the end.

Radley performed 7 angry pigs - a 12 angry men spoof which got a good few laughs. Toby was particularly animated as pig #3! 

Speeches were given from both the Radley students and their Gehandu partners and all the Radley boys were given Masaai blankets as a thank you gift. The 
Radley team in turn gave out gifts from the UK as well.

Lunch was a big affair with Gehandu penpals and the ward executive officer as a special guest and trees were planted at the school for Chris and the ward executive.

Finally it was time for farewells at Gehandu. The team then went to Radio Good News where the boys recorded a radio version of the play, excellently introduced by Miss Naylor.

The day ended back at the seminary school for a final football match of Gehandu and Radley vs Seminary. 

Unfortunately Josh was the victim of a
mistimed challenge within minutes of the game starting and had to be taken for treatment- which unfortunately means he will miss the safari. The rest of the team are all on their way to Ngorongoro Crater before meeting up with Josh, George and Mr Jewell at the Outpost Lodge for a last night meal this evening.

We will let you know when they are all checked in and on the way home.

Tree planting at leaving ceremony

Friday, 26 July 2013

Beans, desks and unusual combination!

The team arrived at school in time to help with the Gehandu students chores again - which today was smashing dried bean crops with sticks before separating out the beans. Hector and Theo had particularly impressive bean smashing technique, ably taught by Leokadia of course.

The boys taught the last lessons of the week which went really well and then everyone got a chance to walk over to Titiwe Primary for reading, songs and games with the children who are just starting to learn English.

The boys ate lunch with the students outside which was great.

Desk repair in the afternoon gave all the guys a chance to show off their DT skills, Alex made sure everyone knew about his school design tech award! Josh was champion planer.

The boys lost 5-2 at football against Gehandu, but remain optimistic for tomorrow's match with the Seminary. We'll keep you posted!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

First Safari!

Today the team had a break from classes and took a day safari to Lake Manyara National Park with their Gehandu penpals and some teachers.

They all shared the coach together and saw elephants, buffalo, baboons, monkeys, giraffe and flamingo.

Leokardia and the teachers prepared a special lunch for everyone which the team had in one of the picnic areas in the park.

It was a long drive but everyone had a great day and it was fantastic to see some African game for the first time. 

For the Gehandu students today was a huge treat as most of the students will never have the opportunity to afford to go on safari.

Some piccies from lunch and the bus below:

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Debate and dancing

Up early once more, Alex was the day manager so had the team all awake on time. 

Work before school was watering plants today using the newly installed water supply. 

Josh taught an excellent lesson on World War II with James in support and Hector Toby and Theo all did English lessons today building upon increasing the confidence of the pupils in using English. 

Amy, Jack, Toby and Hector went to Titiwe primary school where they organised team games and practiced
English. They were treated to demonstrations of Iraqw dancing by local parents. 

Amy once again inspired us all with her dance and singing lesson in preparation for Sunday and Jack, Josh and James all did very well in t
he debate against the Gehandu form 4s after school with the topic 'rural living is better than urban.'


The debate in full flow

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tues- Teaching, visits and a victory!

Today Hector, Toby, James and Josh all went on a home visit to a pupils farm who lives a few minutes walk from the school. They learnt about the different crops which can be grown depending upon the season and got to see home life for a Gehandu student. 

Meanwhile Toby's rivers lesson was excellent and his visual resources allowed a good level of understanding from the Geography students. 

James took an engaging English lesson with Josh as assistant. Charades was a real hit with the first year students who are just starting to gain confidence in English after having studied in swahili at Primary School.

Hector taught physics to older students who were very able. 

And Inspire Leader Amy got the whole group plus penpals and many extra keen students involved in a dance and singing lesson in preparation for Saturday's leaving ceremony.

After school the team played Gehandu football team with Gadiel, the Deputy Head and Alex the Games Master joining their side. It was an epic 6-4 victory to Radley meaning they have chalked up their first win of the trip!


Lesson's going well

Monday, 22 July 2013 begins at Gehandu School

Monday came around quickly for the whole team - the boys were not quite themselves at 5.50am when the wake up call started! But happily the mood improved after chapatis and kahawa (coffee) for breakfast.

Sweeping the school was the boys first contribution this morning, which preceded a chilly school assembly and flag raising.

Once the school song and national anthem had been heard we all headed inside for the first lesson of the day - double Kiswahili!! An hour and a half later the boys were almost fluent, ready for the classroom themselves.

Jack's English lesson was a great success, covering some basic grammar as well as vocabulary describing the Olympic Games worked cleverly into Bingo and other excercises. Meanwhile,  on the other side of the school Alex with Theo in support competently led an English session based around the environment.

The final lesson to take place before lunch was James' civics class which centred on human rights and freedom of speech.

Mr Jewell and the team then used the last period of the day to set up their study group with the mobile phone learning tools which are being piloted by the college this year.

The 22nd of every month in Mbulu sees a quiet outlying village turn into a bustling, vibrant market for day - an opportunity which our hosts at Gehandu would not let us miss out on! The boys thoroughly enjoyed seeing the clothes, food and animals up for sale whilst taking full advantage of the opportunity to practise their swahili bartering with the help of the Gehandu teachers. 

Star of the day today went to Alex for his excellent work in English class.